[CAM] VERY OT..about a cat :)

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If it comes down to a last option, I spoke with all three of my room mates, 
despite the fact that we have a gaggle of animals already, I was able to 
coerce them into agreeing with a temporary foster care if neccessary.. Mind 
you we already have two cats.. and a dog.. and a ferret... and a whole host 
of reptiles/arachnids.. but if it comes down to temporarily housing the cat 
till a suitable home is located, I can offer that.

I'm very sorry I can't do more, perhaps if I owned my own home it would be a 
very different story, but we're just renters.. and our land lady is being 
very, very understanding of the existing menagerie.
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>I really wanna take him for you, but we are only allowed one cat.  On
> the other hand, I know someone who recently had a cat pass away, and
> though he's said he doesn't want to replace her, he might be willing
> to take one in for a good cause... if Toby is okay with another cat
> around.  I'll ask today and see what I know..
> Adeliz
> On 5/31/07, Brithwen of Cressawell <brithwen72 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I am sorry that I have been a bit of a stranger, but I have been packing 
>> and
>> cleaning while getting ready for my move in a couple of weeks.
>> I had posted this elsewhere but someone suggested posting this here and
>> I do not know why I did not THINK to post it here as those of you I know, 
>> I
>> consider my friends and who better else to make this plea to!?!
>> I made a promise to my son that we could get a dog if we moved again. We
>> ARE able to get a (small) dog, but I cannot have both a dog and a cat. 
>> Well,
>> the cat I have now is like a child. He was born here and we are all he
>> knows.
>> His name is Toby and he is 4 years old. He is not declawed or neutered or
>> anything and has not has shots because I was told he was okay as long as
>> he did not leave our apartment and go outside. We live upstairs so the
>> closest place to outside he has gotten is our back porch.
>> Toby is not like a lot of cats...he NEEDS attention and affection and 
>> gives
>> it
>> as well. He will sleep near you, wait for you in the bathroom while you 
>> are
>> showering and pat you on the arm gently until he gets the attention he
>> craves.
>> He has a very dainty "meow" and although skittish with new folks, he has
>> never bitten or scratched anyone. Toby is a great little buddy to have
>> around.
>> He is okay to leave alone (as I have been away at events and such) but is
>> oh-so-glad to see you come home.
>> I have pictures should you want them. Toby is a coffee/black colored cat
>> with
>> a full tail and green eyes. He has medium length hair and is smaller in 
>> the
>> summer as he loses the hair, lol. He LOVES to be brushed and will be
>> ANYONE'S best friend if you brush him!
>> Anyway, it is very hard for me to think of passing him on to someone else
>> (I feel so guilty!!) but it would be better knowing that he was going to 
>> a
>> good
>> home and being able to ask about him and such. I refuse to take him to 
>> and
>> shelter.
>> I know this is a long shot, but if anyone is interested in giving Toby a
>> home,
>> PLEASE let me know!
>> Many thanks,
>> Brithwen
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