[CAM] weird questions, i got a few

minnaar minnaar at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 22:17:45 CDT 2007

Ok, well not having actually owned a house yet, here are my opinions...

>  8629 W Potomac Ave

I brought everything up on a map just to check... this isn't a
terrible area, I'd move here.

>  2577 N 61 St

This doesn't look too bad to me, but check with Dahrien, I don't think
he lives that far off.

>  2950 N 75th St

Not tooo framiliar with this area, but just by the looks of the map,
it doesn't look all that bad either.

>  2819 S44th St

Of your choices, I like this one the best.  It has a nearby park, and
is a pretty nice neighborhood (I have a friend who lives not too far
from there).

>  9012 W Hampton Ave

I personally would never want to live on a street quite as busy as
Hampton, period.  I prefer at least one street off the main
thoroughfairs, but thats a personal decision.  The neighborhood isn't
that bad though.


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