[CAM] borrow tool for cutting sod?

Linda Skillings 1llinda-mom at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 4 11:07:52 CDT 2007

I have a small flat shovel, that I use for this purpose, and could certainly loan it out.

dahrien at VIGIL1.com wrote:
  Hi, everyone. Does anyone have a tool for cutting sod that Mysie and
I could borrow, please? We're rearranging flower beds -- perfectly
medieval pursuit, that, eh? -- and want to remove some grass in
straight lines, then put down pavers to keep grass from creeping into
the flower beds. Maybe I, or you, can even use the removed sod for
something else, then?

The first tool I thought of was an ice chopper (straight, flat, wide
blade on a long handle), but perhaps there are other tools that would
work as well or better. I'm open to other suggestions (yes, even
modern ones).

Home number: 414-442-2720
Don't worry about my current work hours; my sleep schedule is never
fixed anyway, so taking calls whenever they come doesn't bug me at
all. If I don't want to talk or can't, I don't answer; but I do :) .

-- Dahrien =)

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