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Thu Jun 7 12:41:25 CDT 2007

1. What is your FULL SCA name & Title?
Countess Gwyneth Felton, Viscountess Northshield, Mistress of the Pelican
2. How did you find the SCA?
My oldest sister was involved; I went to a bookstore to find her something 'historical' for Christmas, and the sales clerk at the bookstore was in the SCA and took me to an event.  Several years later, I was hooked.
3. What medieval/fantasy related movie, book or book series would you recommend and why?
The Lion in Winter, or Robin and Marian.  Both have a feel that seems right to me, even if they are not.  Besides, Katharine and Audrey Hepburn, Sean Connery and Peter O'Toole are great actors and a joy to watch.

4. What is your most pressing SCA project?

Membership benefits and/or the class I am teaching at Border Skirmish.
5. What is your BEST SCA Moment?
It changes; currently it's a tie between having Serena swear fealty at Boar's Head, and fighting in the woods at Pennsic 2 years ago.  Less than 5 minutes left, we were downhill from a bunch of giant easterners and two chux and feeling so very, very real, even if it was just for a moment, that I was about to die.  That was cool. 
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