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Totally Awesome!  And great memories too.

What I really liked about some of your answers was that, you listed  
the names of people who inspired you....which is very cool because  
although we are recognized by the Crown or Royalty for our  
inspiration and good deeds, I dont think we as a populace always take  
the time to let someone know how they have inspired us, and we  
definitely should!!


On Jun 8, 2007, at 11:33 AM, Jack Welsh wrote:

> 1. What is your FULL SCA name and title?
> Alasdair Calum Montgomery
> Landed Baron of Caer Anterth Mawr
> (more but I do not think you want the whole alphabet soup...)
> 2. How did you find the SCA?
> Armond introduced me to it in 1996.
> 3.  What medieval/fantasy related movie, book or book series would  
> you recommend and why?
> Movies:
> "Excalibur" - Nicol Williamson as Merlin!!!!!!  And the music as  
> Arthur is riding to see Marion as the trees are all blooming just  
> gives me goose bumps.
> "The 13 Warrior" - just rocks to me.  "Go hide in a hole if you  
> like. The o'father woded the skain of your life long ago, fear  
> profits man nothing."  And of course reciting their own eulogy  
> before the final battle and Buliwyf standing to end.  Kateryn says  
> he always reminds her of Osis.
> "The Lord of the Rings" - need I really say anything here.....
> Of course, "Narnia" and all of the Potter movies are fun.
> Books:
> Ok, once again "The Lord of the RIngs"!
> Terry Brooks.  Yeah, not realistic historical stuff, but great  
> fantasy.  "Magic Kingdom for Sale, SOLD!" is a great hoot.
> Pierce Anthony - the Xanth series was entertaining, especially for  
> the puns.
> Mary Stewart - "The Crystal Cave", "The Hollow Hills", and "The  
> Last Enchantment".  A wonderful series of books telling the  
> Arthurian legend from the viewpoint of Merlin.
> "The Life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West" was an  
> excellent audiobook and gives a whole new out look on the Wicked  
> Witch and who she is and how her life might have turned out as it did.
> 4. What is your most pressing SCA Project?
> Making Garb in Baronial colors
> Making my leg armor!
> 5. What is your BEST SCA Moment?
> Wow...like everyone, that is hard for me to narrow it down.
> Top three:
> Kateryn's Baroncy.  From knowing in advance to getting to write the  
> scroll text to seeing it happen in Shadewes Company encampment at  
> their party.  Awesome!
> Pennsic, as night falls, all you see are the pavillions, torches,  
> and fires.  You smell the food and hear the laughter.  At that  
> moment (when all the mundalities disappear) I am not longer  
> standing in Western PA in the 21st century, I am back at a medieval  
> war encampment.
> Our first court as Baron and Baroness.  Getting to give people we  
> know awards and recognizing them publically to everyone, the smiles  
> and humility that everyone showed makes the job of being Baron  
> worth everything.
> 6. List three specific things that you *love* about the SCA, and  
> would miss the most if you weren't playing anymore?
> Friends........
> Personalizing scroll texts
> Being court herald
> 7. When was the last time someone treated you in a truly chivalrous  
> manner at an event?
> Hm..interesting question.  I'll go with last weekend... Seren from  
> Windhaven came over and without instruction or request greatly  
> assisted Kateryn and I in setting up our new tent, that we were  
> setting up for the first time....and then he went off and did his  
> duties as marshal.  That was nice.
> 8. What was the most "awe-inspiring" and memorable thing you've  
> ever witnessed a Queen or King do at an event?
> Ok, personal:  Pieter making Kateryn a court Baroness so rocks.
> How about Prince & Princess awe-inspiring moments?
> At Pennsic, when HRM of the MidRealm Kenna came into court to put  
> Mysie on vigil for Pelican, His Highness Belrix getting up and  
> offering HRM his throne is right there for me.  (I was herald for  
> that court.....more about that court later...)
> At Pennsic, Their Highnesses Leif and Astrid giving out coins to  
> the populace as war payment for every battle, for support staff,  
> and for the populace.  Way cool.
> None Royalty Moment: Again, at Pennsic: The whole of Sir Gunther  
> getting put on vigil for the Chivalry.  From the Unbelts presenting  
> him with the autographed tabbard to Sir Siegfried's speech, it was  
> truly inspiring and moving.  BUT! Particularly when Sir Robert the  
> Thunderous came out of the castle speaking, Gunther's face,  
> reaction, and explicative uttered will bring a smile to my face and  
> move my heart for the rest of my life.
> 9. "Who" or "What" inspired you to do the thing(s) you really enjoy  
> doing the most...and what is it?
> Mikey and Richard inspire me to be the best court herald that I can  
> be.
> Corydon inspires me to have fun with the pomp and circumstance in  
> the Society.
> The first demo I ever attended as a member was a schoool.  I was  
> not a fighter at the time.  I was heralding.  Croydon showed up  
> with every weapon style (except combat archery and siege weapons)  
> of rattan fighting.  He fought a different style each time he  
> fought so that the people there would get to see all the weapon  
> styles.
> And at Pennsic a few years back, Corydon was putting up rings as a  
> prize for anyone beating him at any of the games he brought.  You  
> could redeam that ring for a favor.  This added so much to the fun  
> of the games and the atmosphere of the encampment.
> Kateryn inspires me at every event to put others needs and desires  
> in front of my own.  Remember Glub Glub? Kateryn made sure that  
> everyone she knew and everyone she could find had a dry place to  
> sleep before she even thought about bed for herself.  Not just her  
> household or barony or friends, anyone walking around looking lost  
> and tired, she helped them to find a dry bed to sleep on.
> 10. What is the absolute FUNNIEST moment you've had (happen to you,  
> or been apart of) in the SCA?
> Ok, at the time I was mortified, but looking back, I laugh now.  At  
> Pennsic, when Belrix was Prince (remember above I said more later  
> about this court....), the same court that Kenna came to, I gave  
> the PRICKSUS to Pixel instead of the Pyxis.  Yes, I said PRICKSUS,  
> to which His Highness corrected me and quoted "if you prick us do  
> we not bleed?"  I turned to Mistress Tatiana, who was doing the  
> signet duties that night, and asked if I could go hide now, she  
> told me nope, and that I had to finish court.  Which I did.  :)
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