[CAM] Brithwen's moving this weekend!

Brithwen of Cressawell brithwen72 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 19:19:51 CDT 2007

Oy my goodness..I am SO embarrassed! Randall! I asked YOU, didn't I??
  Seriously though...I am coming down to the wire. Arnbjorn has generously offered his assistance in the move on Saturday. I can handle most of the boxes but if I could recruit just one more pair of strong arms for the heavy stuff...I would be truely grateful. I do not have much to offer in return other than a cold drink and my help with something when YOU may be in need...
  I am just in a 4-family..moving to another 4-family in Waukesha. I have use of a pickup truck from my new job and will be requesting use of a certain someone's trailer.
  Yes..I DO have a hard time asking for help..but I also know that if I need it, I need to ASK for it, lol. So I am asking...if even just one more person (with the strength to lift and move) has time after BS stuff and the garage sale...please let me know and I love you for it! Unfortunately, my family lives too far away to ask, lol..
  Many, many thanks~

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