[CAM] Last chance to buy wine making supplies!

Pete Kucik pkucik at uwm.edu
Tue Jun 12 10:43:54 CDT 2007

0n July 15, we're selling what's left as a lot to a local vinting store.  So
here's what left. Pete and Solomon are no longer, for health reasons, able to
make wine.  0ver the years, they have accumulated a lot of equipment and
utinsels, which are now for sale.  If interested, please call them at (414)

Items include:

empty carboys, most 5 gal., incl. fermentation lock - $10 each
filled carboys (might be a very mellow wine, might be an expensive
   vinegar), most 5 gal., includes fermentation lock - be gutsy, take a chance -
$13 ea.

liqueur flavorings, great variety, normally $4 each - $1 each

3 hydrometers - $3 each

4 screw on plastic caps for carboys - $2 each
medieval type wine labels - great variety - 1 cent each (can be used as canning
labels, gift labels, etc.)

wine bottles - labels removed - 75 cents for a case of 12
wine bottles w/labels - 50 cents for a case of 12
9 cobalt blue wine bottles - $1 each

new hand corker - $10

plastic primary fermenter - large sturdy - with cover - $10
plastic primary fermenter - medium sturdy - with cover - $7
plastic primary fermenter - thinner type plastic - with cover - $5

strong fruit bags - have stood the test of time - 50 cents

variety of decorative wine racks (ones you would actually put upstairs where
people might see them) - $5 to $30

6 bin display case from wine store (can be used for recycling, laundry, etc.

wood boxes and thing that can be used as stacked wine racks in your
     basement - not pretty but functional - $1 each

things that can be used as wine racks in your basement (not pretty but
   functional) (gutted tv, sectional sofa on its side, dustless bureau from
   the 50's with shelves between the drawers, etc.) - $5 to $10 if you carry
   them away yourself

plastic caps for wine & champagne bottles, to shrink on after corking -
     2 bags of 12 - red - $2/bag
     about 20 - white - 25 cents each, 5/$1

plastic hoses, including one with the tube & ball - $1 each

Acid Titration Kit - $1

BIG wood spoon - $1

1 long brush for cleaning inside carboys - $2

plus corks, utinsels, silly posters, etc. at various prices.

metal sign - "Caution. Radiation Center" w/nuclear symbol - $5 (keeps people out
of your wine cellar)

1 dolly (orange and black) - suitable for transporting carboys across the
basement instead of lifting them - $ 15

plus much much more!!


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