[CAM] Calontir Pennsic A&S Exhibition web site

dahrien at VIGIL1.com dahrien at VIGIL1.com
Tue Jun 19 12:24:10 CDT 2007

Last night, Fernando told me about a web site someone set up for it,
and here's the URL:

For the past two years at Pennsic, several folks from Calontir --
including my older brother Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon -- have
trooped over to the market to work on period A&S projects together. 
This is what they call the Pennsic Exhibition (Calontir's Pennsic A&S
Exhibition).  Basically, they just arrive at the market en masse with
projects and "do their things" together, where they cn see each
other's work and passers-by can, too.  They make an effort to
maintain period aesthetics while doing so: seating, tools & equipment
used, dress, etc.

This year, they plan to go to the market on Wednesday and Friday, at
some point after the fighting is done.  I don't know exactly where in
the market or exactly what time.  It is not an "officially scheduled
event" to be found in the event booklets; it is, rather, just
something they do.

-- Dahrien Cordell  =)

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