[CAM] Happy Birthday Peter ap Corydon!!!!

Price & Alice-Barb & Bob Kearns p-a at execpc.com
Tue Jun 19 13:09:23 CDT 2007

You mean Peter is 6!  Ohmigod!  Can't quite believe it.
Happy Happy Birthday, Peter!
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  Happy 6th Birthday Peter!!!!  

  Haaaaaaaaaappy Birrrrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaay toooooooooo youuuuuuuuu
  Haaaaaaaaappy Birrrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaay toooooooooo youuuuuuuuu
  Haaaaaaaappy Birrrrrrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaaaay deeeeeeear Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeteeeerrrr
  Haaaaaaaappy Birrrrrrrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooo youuuuuuuuuu

  Stand up
  Stand up
  I won't shuddup until you stand up
  Stand up
  Stand up
  Stand up and take a bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  I hope you have a wonderful time being King for the day little man!!!!!

  Viscountess Astrid 
  15th Princess of Northshield
  Clerk of the Order of Precedence
  Polaris Signet
  Matriarch of House Gray Fox 


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