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> Greetings!
> This year at WW, we have a very restricted number of RV campsites with
> electricity.  We currently have only 8 available. Due to this, we are
> going to be restricting the use of RV's with electric hookups to those
> attendees who need them due to mobility limiting factors ONLY, on a first
> come-first serve basis. Please be aware that there is only room in this
> area for the handicapped individual and their personal caregiver, if
> needed. There is not sufficient room to also include friends and family.
> What is a 'mobility limiting factor'? If you are in a wheelchair, or
> mobile only with the assistance of a medical device (i.e., wheelchair,
> scooter, walker, canes), or if your RV has medical devices installed to
> help you with mobility, such as wheelchair lifts and assists, then you
> meet this definition. We ask that you contact us ASAP so we can allocate
> spaces to those who need them.
> Those of you who have breathing machines/CPAPs will need to provide a
> battery for it. We regret that we can't provide as many electric-access
> camping spaces as we have been able to in the past. Some information on
> what kind of battery and how to work with this arrangement can be found
> here: http://www.cpap-pro.net/displayFaqs.php?type=Battery/Foreign#1 and
> here: http://www.healthyresources.com/sleep/magazines/psnews/power01.html.
> We will be providing an access to electricity for those of you who will
> need to recharge your batteries during the event, but you will need to
> provide your own charger/adapter/inverter. Alternately, there are solar
> batterycharger/maintainers for less than $50.
> While there is no electricity in the camping area, if you wish to bring
> your RV and camp in it without electricity, you will be allowed to do so
> in a designated area.
> Thank you.
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