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> Thursday, July 5, 7 pm, Nordskogen Pavilion
>  Attention All Brewers, Vintners and Cordial Makers, Creators of 
> Delectable Libations One and All!
>  Please pray heed to the following announcement. At 7 p.m. in the 
> Nordskogen Pavilion on Thursday night, the Jararvellir Cordial Guild is 
> hosting the Fourth Annual "Tasting" Party.
>  Come taste some of our best cordials, and feel free to bring some of your 
> own creations to share.
>  You can look forward to sharing ideas, tips and tricks, recipes and 
> techniques. Please be prepared to show ID in order to participate. The 
> State of Wisconsin legal drinking age is 21.
>  Any "munchie" donations to have between tastings are gladly accepted.
>  Please feel free to contact Cwenthryth wine (cwen at uwalumni.com) before 
> July 3 if you have any questions or need additional information.
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