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Marie Falconniere nicely condensed WW site info, so I thought I'd forward
it here.

Rose Marian

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Hi all,

Just a heads-up for those planning on going to W-W. There have been
updates  to the website and some will affect your packing:

~No electricity available.
~No picnic tables available--bring your own.
~No firewood from outside a 50-mile radius of site.
~No pets.
~No swimming.
~No camp store on site though ice will be sold.
~Little or no shade on site--bring your shade fly!
~Conditions are EXTREMELY dry and the fire danger is very high. It's
possible  there may be a ban imposed on open flame/torches if the
weather doesn't  cooperate between now and the event. Fires in fire
rings (provided) only and only  in the camping area.
~Nearest grocery stores are an IGA in Cadott (about 5mi away) that is
likely  to be small and expensive, and a Pick'n' Save in Chippewa Falls
about 15mi  away. Eau Claire is about a half an hour away from site and
has 2 Sam's Club's  and 2 Super Walmart's among others.
~Rumor has it that the ground is very hard packed clay and tent stakes,
banner poles, etc are going to be difficult to drive. I'm also told that
there are  swamps in the vicinity so plan on mosquitoes. The dry weather
may help  mitigate those.
~Quiet and Loud camping areas are not really separated. The closer to the
"A" are the quieter its supposed to be. Areas "E" and "F" straddle the
line between quiet and Loud, so expect moderate noise level there. "F" and
above are Loud camping, so the further down the alphabet the area, the
Louder you can be.

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