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Hey there,

My turn to chime in with heartfelt thanks to all involved. Most

~my lovely co-Instigator Extraordinare, Viscountess Astrid, and her
miniature  retainer Peter the Giggling, for good advice and good cheer
~ALL the marshals, for making it possible for everyone to have fun.
Especially Gintaras--most Excellent!--, Abelard, Alexander, Anton, Kai,
William of  Mann, and the Boffer folk, for organizing, wrangling, and
keeping it all going.  And Iona Hay-Wrangler!
~the Troll folk, under the direction of Rose Marian and Calybrid, for
gating  through a RECORD number of people with good cheer and savoir
faire. Well done! ~the Magister Ludi, Dahrien, for taking my nebulous
idea ("a games marshal,  now that would be kewl: go do it!") and running
with it to the enjoyment of  many.
~Kyla (and Dahrien as well) for unflagging encouragement of the bardic
arts  by word and example. I promise, next year I'll have time to join
you! ~Kateryn and Kristiana for keeping the Hats organized and happy!
~Tatiana's Griffon and Dragon Tavern--a hungry populace is an unhappy
populace, thanks once again for keeping us going!
~Phaedra for bringing her unfailing good cheer to Water Point, and
everyone  who stepped in as a Waterbear or to prep the materials. It's
such an important  job and too often overlooked.
~Kristiana and Deonysia for an interesting and varied selection of
classes.  Something for everyone! And for coordinating the great A&S
display.  ~Calybrid and Earik for the brewing display and classes, and
everyone who  helped with the tasting: fascinating and very well
~Rose Marian for the woodworking competition. Words fail me, hon... ~the
Captain and Crew of the finest ship that ever made port in Ravenslake!
Again, you took a nebulous idea, ran with it, and created something
marvelous. ~the Thieves of Hearts, one and all: whenever something or
someone was  needed, there you were.
~Alexander, for suggestions, assistance whenever requested, and (once
again)  being the impromptu feast herald. You kept it rolling!
~Maggie: not only for herding merchants, but for keeping me grounded and
in  something resembling one piece. If I ever have to grow up, I wanna
be like you! ~Metylda, for being legs and ears as well as voice for the
entire rest of the  staff. Love you, sister!
~the Amazing Travelling Feast Servers of Fox Vale, who actually made it
possible for the feastocrat to sit down for a break and a bite. I owe
these folks  BIG TIME!
~everyone who turned out for setup and takedown. Despite many
challenges, the  sheer number of folks made getting ready far smoother
and faster than  anticipated. As far as getting out of the site
afterwards--WOW! Almost 4 hours ahead  of schedule, even with taking
down the showers!
~last but far, FAR from least, Kveldulf and Simon. If it needed to be
done,  you did it--even at occasional risk of life and limb. The words
"thank you" are  far too weak for how grateful I am.

And if you thought this year was kewl, wait til next year...
Thank you all!
~Marie the exhausted but happy

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