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> Greetings!
> It's been brought to our attention that there's some confusion about the
> WW rules regarding minors.
> WW is in compliance with the new SCA Youth Policy, which can be found
> here:
> http://web.northshield.org/officers/seneschal/moy/YouthActivitiesMemo.pdf
> The Youth Policy states that children 12 and younger must be within
> sight/sound of their parent/guardian at all times, as a minimum
> supervisory requirement. The Youth Policy is a /minimum requirement/.
> WW defines Minors, both on the Site Fee page and on the Minors section
> of the site rules, as children under 18 years of age, not legally
> emancipated. WW's rules are worded so that we may enforce the supervisory
> requirement on anyone under 18.
> It will be enforced the same way it has always been: If minors are
> running wild, or small children are wandering around alone, they will be
> asked where their parent/guardians are and if that child can't point to a
> parent/guardian within line of sight, Security will escort the child back
> to their paren/guardian and the parent/guardian will receive a warning to
> keep an eye on their child. Failure to do that may result in the parent
> and child being asked to leave the event.
> This is the same rule WW has had in effect for at least five years.
> Thank you.
> -the Autocrats
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