[CAM] Fireworks next week

masanger at kwm.sca.org masanger at kwm.sca.org
Thu Jun 28 13:13:59 CDT 2007

I'm hoping to actually make it this year!
Is this something for which I should consider bringing a sunshade?
I'm not likely to arrive before 6-ish at the earliest, and then there's
that little parking issue...

Rose Marian

> We were talking at lunch today about the fireworks next week, and how
> much fun it would be to get together to watch them.  So let's do it!
> Some of the folks not working might be able to head down early and pick
> out a spot, and the rest of us can follow as we can.
> I love the fireworks!**
> Gwyneth
> ** The Fireworks on the Milwaukee Lakefront on Tuesday the 3rd.
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