[CAM] Happy Birthday Claire ap Corydon and A’Lauren Sviensdottir!!!

CJ Nash gryffin35 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 7 08:15:40 CST 2007

THANK YOU!  Wow that really feels nice.  I forgot that I was on your list and there isn't anyone else up here that knows it's my birthday.  Not beeing dour, just forgot.  haha  Since it's my birthday, I think I'll start going backwards.
  Hey how about a new rule, once you hit 40 you can start regressing in chronological years.  ;-) 
  You really made me smile.  Thanks

Astrid of the Yellow Rose <viscountess_astrid at yahoo.com> wrote:
    Happy 3rd Birthday to Claire Today - 3/6 - and A'Lauren - Tomorrow - 3/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Hoping the day was/is wonderful - full of surprises, lots of hugs, cake and messy fun!!!!
  Thanks for letting us celebrate your birthdays!!!!!

  Shy, Quiet, Demure Flower of Northshield
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