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Can I have directions to Jondalara's house and an address please? Also, do we need to bring anything with us for making the 10 panel dress?
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If you havent been to an A&S gathering yet this winter, you should... their fun!  Every gathering so far has been the opportunity to learn something fun and different.... course, you can just come and work on your own projects and socialize too!

The next A&S Gathering is at Jondalara's house this Sunday (3/11)....then Mysie & Dahrien's the following Sunday (3/18), and then the last Sunday it will be at my house (3/25) where we will be focusing on making cloth appliqued banners. Just an FYI....If your interested in making a banner, here are the supplies/materials that you will need to bring on the 25th: A clear photo or B/W drawing of your heraldry, fabric in the colors of your heraldry (the main background piece being approx 1-1/2 yrds, and then at least a 1/2 yrd for each color you need for your "charges"), a pkg of light-weight fusible (iron-on) webbing.

Hope to see you all at Jondalara's place this Sunday!  


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