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Tonia G Heng tatianam at ameritech.net
Thu Mar 8 00:03:30 CST 2007

Hi Gwynedd,

I can bring the sheets to practice (tomorrow?), or send them with Geoffrey.
Do you go there?  Or if I make it to Missy's class this weekend I could
bring them there, though I am not sure if I'll make it or not.  I will bring
you 4 sheets.  They will cover a small round table but will not be big
enough alone for large rounds, you'll need to use two.



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Mistress Tatiana,

    I need 3 of the large sheets that can double as tablecloths, to take
up to Bardic Madness for the Windhaven cooks.  I'll bring them back and
launder them and return them to you when they're done.  What's the best
way for me to pick them up?

Tonia G Heng wrote:

>Greetings All,
>I have unofficially taken over as Quartermaster (if will be official at
>Spring Court) from Geoffrey.  So if anyone is needing items for events that
>are coming up please contact me at tatianam at ameritech.net  If you do happen
>to send to Geoffrey that is OK as well he will forward it to me.
>Just a note neither he nor I will be attending Bardic Madness since we will
>be out of town from Saturday March 24 through Sunday April 1st.  If you
>items from the storage locker for that event I would appreciate if you
>let me know by at least March 14th and we can meet, perhaps the weekend of
>the 17th, so that those items can be given to you out of the storage
>After the event we can arrange a time to meet to put them back.
>In Service,
>Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville
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