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Hee, hee, hee...OK, fun with the College of Heralds(CoH)....

Yes, "technically" the rules say that you are not suppose to use real armory.  But the CoH does not check over every piece of historically registered armory.  So, you could get away with using it, unless of course you have a family like to a well known family like the Tudor's.  You could always make a single change to the armory and have a connection to the historical one but make yours personally.

But, we can have fun with a loop hope here...GENERICALLY when heraldry was registered in period, it was registered to a PERSON not a family.  However, sons, and rarely but sometimes daughters, used a variation or cadenced version of the father's armory for themselves.

Still a herald geek,

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  I don't believe you can use real heraldry.  I know they don't want to conflict with anyone in real life who might be using it today.

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    After last nights AC & Social practice, I did a small bit of research, and placed a few calls to family members, one of whom I know tracked our family's genealogy back into the 1600s.. The results were not quite what I was hoping, but I did discover that we have a coat of arms.. So my question is.. Since I am in the family, would it be wrong to use that coat of arms, in the SCA? I know we are supposed to create a fictional persona, that would have lived in that time, but is this a not acceptible concept?

    Thanks for any assistance or advice!

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