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Linda Skillings 1llinda-mom at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 11 12:52:03 CDT 2007

Thanks for remembering me. I have since learned that duck eggs dont take the dyes well-probably because of that waxy sort of finish.  Lets talk again when the hens are laying regular, and you don't need their bounty for breakfast. I have a few aruacana eggs- love that shade of green.
  If Lady Geta has her usual egg decorating class, maybe you could so some greens yourself!

Wendyn Hyde-Smith <catmusic at charter.net> wrote:
  Hi Eva-
My little duck hen has started laying eggs, but they aren't blue - as I
expected. They are a very pale french vanilla color. These are her first
eggs, so they are just a bit bigger than a jumbo chicken egg...they may get
bigger as she finishes her growing.

I know you were interested in blue eggs, so I though I'd let you know right

I still have green eggs from my Aruacanas and they are laying again, though
not really profusely.

Regards, wenna

P.S. The duck eggshells have a different texture as well. Smoother, sort of
more waxy?

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