[CAM] elderberries/elderflowers

Linda Skillings 1llinda-mom at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 13 18:09:06 CDT 2007

I would love to have two or three, -the more ugly trees I can replace the better!

Mary Waller <mwaller at execpc.com> wrote:

Now that the mountain of snow is diminishing, and I'm starting to 
see my big elderbush/tree, I will be able to start making rooted 
cuttings for those who want to have an elder shrub. Several of you had 
indicated an interest. I'll be cutting some young shoots, and as soon 
as the ground's thawed will also dig up some of the spreading roots. 
Both should get roots very soon. They'll have to be coddled a little 
the first year, but next year should be bigger and ready to grow like a 
mad weed.

How many people want cuttings of the elder? If you want just one or 
want several, just let me know -- these bushes spread fast, and I have 
lots of places to get cuttings for you.


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