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Albrecht's brother in law owns a printing company- I will check with them as well.

Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose <polaris.signet at gmail.com> wrote:
    I just put a call into my printer company I have worked with in the past at work and left a message to see how much color copies would cost.  He'll be calling me back.
  I asked him:
  cost to copy approx 50 pages to make up 100 books.
  would they want them in electronic format (scanned) or the originals?
  They also have the ability to bind them if we wanted as well.
  There is a possibility, since we are a not for profit organization, and this is for a fund raiser, we may get a break in the cost.... and cuz they love me there *giggle*  ... but I can't say for sure.
  I'll let you know what he tells me.

  On 3/13/07, masanger at kwm.sca.org <masanger at kwm.sca.org> wrote:   This is a cool idea.
I just hope the cost of color copies doesn't make it prohibitive.
35 illuminated pages plus a cover could add up quick for just one book. 

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