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masanger at kwm.sca.org masanger at kwm.sca.org
Wed Mar 14 11:15:44 CDT 2007

For a book of color copies, that's a LOT more reasonable than I was
expecting.(I was envisioning at least double that or more.)
Thanks, Astrid!

Rose Marian

> I just talked with my friend with the printing company.
> We discussed several options of how the book could be put together -
> 11x17 sheets folded with stitch binding/staple,  single double sided
> letter size copies on a coil binding (that way the book could open and
> lay flat... that's probably a better option)
> He also stated they could create the books and put it in a pdf file on
> disc - then it could be added to in the future.
> The colors, while not EXACT exact - are incredibly close on the color
> copiers and come out quite nice.
> Depending on the amount of pages - to make 100 books would be
> approximately $10 - $15 per book.
> I did tell him we are at the very beginning of this project and nothing
> has been actually created yet so it will be a while - not a long while,
> but a while - if it's decided that we would go with his company, I'll
> let him know.
> so... there ya have it.
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