[CAM] OT: Loreena McKinnett

Astrid of the Yellow Rose viscountess_astrid at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 15 16:11:53 CDT 2007

YAY!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks Tori!

Tori Campenni <toricampenni79 at hotmail.com> wrote:  Astrid you're in luck. They're rerunning the Loreena McKinnett concert late 
on Saturday night-so you can record it yourself. I looked it up because I 
was recording something else. Tori

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>OK - so life threw up on us last night .... and I wasn't even home long
>enough to set the record button.... anyone record this show? If so.... can
>I get a copy??? Pahleeeeeeeeeze???
>Astrid... who believe life is about curveballs - cuz that's all I've seen
>thrown at us!
>On 3/13/07, Wesley Adams wrote:
>>Loreena McKinnett:Nights from the Alhambra will be Wednesday's Great
>>Performance on Channel 10, statring at 7:00 pm.
>>Don't get soaked. Take a quick peek at the forecast
>>with theYahoo! Search weather shortcut.
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