[CAM] Happy Birthday Lunge Xiang!!!!

masanger at kwm.sca.org masanger at kwm.sca.org
Fri Mar 16 11:11:16 CDT 2007

Happy Birthday Long!
I'm sure your little daughter Rose will fulfill all of Astrid's wishes for
you. ;)

Rose Marian, one of those other roses

> Happy Birthday Lunge (Kyle... altho it's been Lunge for quite some time
> now!)  Hope your day is full of smiles, hugs, noogies, pinches and
> spankin's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> --
> Viscountess Astrid
> 15th Princess of Northshield
> Clerk of the Order of Precedence
> Polaris Signet
> Matriarch of House Gray Fox

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