[CAM] Border Skirmish neeeeeeeds CAM volunteers!!! Please HELP!

Linda Skillings 1llinda-mom at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 20 21:22:47 CDT 2007

I would like to offer my services, and those of my lovely daughters to corral rug rats- or at least to corral those who volunteer to corral rugrats. I am openly soliciting ideas for keeping Steel , Cupcake, and thier cohorts busy, happy, ( and dirty as all heck!). What a good excuse to make new-grubby garb! (like I need an excuse to sew more)

Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose <polaris.signet at gmail.com> wrote:
    Hidy Ho folks!
  We are approaching Border Skirmish rather quickly and there are many positions still open.. Please please please help and fill these open positions!
  Here is a list of what we have... I have included the names of those who've volunteered... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
    A&S Coordinator - Schedule 1-2 tracks of classes, manage display

Archery and Thrown Weapons – William of Mann & Arnbjorn 
Bardic Coordinator - schedule Bardic Free Zone, coordinate evening activities

Boffer MIC - coordinating, marshalling, etc. Boffer activities 

Camp Herald - announcements

Chatelaine - Adelicia

Chirurgeon - taking care of and making sure owies are minimal

Crap-o-Crat - arrange portajohns, procure and distribute bathroom supplies 

Feast - Lochlainn is the Feast-o-crat - not sure if he's looking for assistance 

Feast Servers - not sure if this is already filled or not....

Heavy MIC - Abelard

Longshoreman: Steward - command/control, troubleshooting 

Longshoreman: Pre-Event - set up sunshade, royal area, banners, targets/nets; move picnic tqables, trashcans; other stuff as needed 

Longshoreman: During event - move tables, thrones; set up feast hall; check trashcans; handle plumbing problems 

Longshoreman: Post-event - take down equipment, clean hall

Lunch - Tatiana - please contact her if you'd like to assist 

Magister Ludi (Games Marshal) - Dahrien

Media Coordinator/Publicity Chief – Kristin Leifsdottir 

Merchant-o-crat: Maggie is taking pre-registration and working out space assignment

Meter Maiden (Parking) - set up / take down parking guides

Page School Contact - assign duties, record hours 

Rapier MIC - coordinating, marshalling, etc. Rapier activities

Royal Wrangler – Her Excellent Excellency Kateryn

Rugrat Wrangler (Youth Non-Combat Activities) - schedule and manage activities 

Security Chief – Cian of the Amber Mists & Murdoch

Site/Feast Tokens - Marie taking care of that

Tournament ListKeeper - keep lists for rapier & heavy tourneys

Troll Mister/Mistress – Rose Marian

WaterBearer - water dem dare fighter types

Webspinner - Enika

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