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Wed Mar 21 12:31:11 CDT 2007

Mistress Rose Marion is correct about the dates for the Marquette student group classes.  For some reason I keep getting her date and mine mixed up.  It's right on my calendar, just not in my head - silly me!

masanger at kwm.sca.org wrote:
  Hey Wenna!
We missed you!

Let's see,
Tatiana is the new Quartermaster.
Arnbjorn is the new Chronicler.
Magnus is finishing his term as Knight's Marshall.
We approved $$$ to give as "taxes' to the Royal Travel fund, to be
presented at Bardic Madness (Price wasn't there. See what happens when the
Chancellor of the Exchequer isn't there...)

Her Majesty thanked everyone for the gifts for the gift bags and other
support for GW. She regaled us with battle stories from GW.

HE Alasdair said that Annetje and Hieronymous sent a bunch of fabric to
donate to the Barony of Seleone, and grateful thanks were received from
the current and former Barons and Baronesses on behalf of their people.

Lady Deonysia saysBardic Madness is "on track"

Gwynedd's proposal for Spring Crown 2008 was tentative accepted (gotta get
the kingdom's approval first.)

The next MMS A&S night is Baroness Kateryn, doing "Garb and Fitting" on
Tuesday February 27th at 7:00pm.

Discussion of combining the CAM History and CAM Cookbook projects into
one, as a sort of chronological recipe book with related CAM history (one
suggested title is "30 years of Boar's Head")

Discussion of the fact that most of our recent events were not held on
baronial lands, and that this fact is kind of odd.
Folks discussed the "in-barony" sites reviewed, and folks have agreed to
continue looking at others.

Discussion about a possible demo at the Wisconsin Scottish Highland Games
this Labor Day weekend.

Ysolt is doing Spring Cleaning and Abelard brought some fabric to give
away on her behalf.

That's about it. Hope the band thing went well.

Rose Marian, who's NOT the Chronicler. Really.

> Hey All-
> What good things happened at Curia last night?
> I had to miss. Pete is in Iowa on business and Petie had a band thing in
> Hartford he couldn't miss... So I had to drive the "taxi" last night.
> Did I miss anything important?
> Just curious, wenna
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