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Kateryn Cornwall tebkateryn at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 21 15:45:35 CDT 2007

And you got some of the things I missed.  We did pretty good between the two of us!  :)

masanger at kwm.sca.org wrote:
  Thank you, Your Excellency.
You filled in the the things I missed.

(See why I'm not the chronicler?)

Rose Marian, that "Chat"

> Bardic Madness is on track and ready to go! The Barony will be paying
> taxes of $500 to TRM travel Fund at Bardic Madness. There is still
> plenty of sleeping room in heated cabins so get your pre-registrations
> in. You have until 2/23 (that's Friday).
> Pool moot was confirmed for Sat. April 7th at 7:00pm and the Waukesha
> Athletic Club.
> Katlin has a schedule all set for the April Collegium moot with
> classes happening from 1-5pm.
> Border Skirmish still needs volunteers. Those wishing to sign up need
> to contact Viscountess Astrid.
> Gwynedd has been chosen as Event Steward and Katlin as Feast Steward
> for the 2008 Spring Crown bid.
> Arnbjorn will be taking over as Chronicler for Abelard.
> Tatiana will be taking over as Quartermaster for Geoffrey.
> Fighting practices continues and goes well.
> A&S Sundays are continuing and people are enjoying them.
> It was decided that the history of the Barony project was a good idea
> and Arnbjorn is going to lead that up and look into some various
> different ways of doing this, how to do it, what to include, etc.
> Her Majesty thanked everyone for all the efforts that they put forth
> to fill the gift bags that were given as gifts at Gulf Wars. She
> described some of her experiences from the war and how truly touched
> she was by the people of the Kingdom. Her Majesty also presented our
> own Wilhelm with the award of the Nordbander for his bravery on the
> field at Gulf Wars (two other good gentles also received this high
> honor from TRM). Have her tell you the story - it is really
> fantastic!
> It was suggest that we might want to once again start looking inside
> our borders for places to hold events of size. Look around you as
> your drive to and fro and see if there are maybe new places or
> revitalized places that might work for us to hold events.
> The Marquette Student group is holding classes on Tuesday evenings and
> invited all to attend. 3/27 Rose Marion will be teaching Basic
> Herbology, 4/3 I will be teaching "tailoring your garb - yes you can
> make it fit" and on 3/10, Alasdair will be teaching archery.
> That is all I can remember off of the top of my head, I would have to
> look at my notes to get more information, but I think I got most of
> the highlights.
> Wendyn Hyde-Smith wrote:
> Hey All-
> What good things happened at Curia last night?
> I had to miss. Pete is in Iowa on business and Petie had a band thing in
> Hartford he couldn't miss... So I had to drive the "taxi" last night.
> Did I miss anything important?
> Just curious, wenna
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