[CAM] The September Song of the Tower is Online

Wesley Adams bwa22 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 1 12:33:23 CDT 2008

You can fine the September Tower at:
In this month's issue:
Baron & Baroness Missive
The Award & Orders of Caer Anterth
Officer Reports: Knight's Marshal, Herald, Chronicler, Webminister, MOAS, Archery Marshal
Curia Meeting Notes
Office Openings: We have several
Event Announcement: Highlands Demo, Day of Legends Moot & St Eds Demo,FrodoFest Baronial Champs
Other Things of Moot: Milestones, Heraldric Display article, Annals of Caer Anterth Project (looking for writers & photos), Rose Marian's Recipe Box: Beef Portage, The Month in CAM history.
In Service,
His Lordship, Arnbjorn Karlsson, OT, ABB, CDB, APF, AoA, NC, OTM, OCC

Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, Chronicler, Baronial Archery Champion, Archery Marshall
Per fess argent and sable, an eagle displayed and a bear passant counterchanged

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