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Also Tiggod took 3rd place in the novice tournament,and I believe there was like 57 participants.

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Here is a brief recap of the polearm tourney at Pennsic War courtesy of Legio Draconis:

We didn't officially name all the 50+ prizes this year due to MOL craziness and people being tired but here is a general rundown of a handful prizes and their winners.
1st place- Stephen duBois 97 points   (yup folks - this is OUR Stephen... from Jararvellir!!!!  Kolna Ertur!!!!)
2nd place Sir Corbyde 93 points
3rd place Sir Vladimir 91 points
4th place Culann 65 points
5th place- Sir Isenwulf 62 points
6th place Aengus the Red 57 points
Oldest fighting in tourney- Vissivald (age 52)
Youngest fighting in tourney- (tie age 21) Roxanne and Lord Ben Hackwood
Coolest armor- Hunter
Tenacity/ "fierce Badger" award- Morvid

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