[CAM] Sun. 0ct. 5th - historic Scottish church service

Pete Kucik pkucik at uwm.edu
Wed Sep 3 07:59:35 CDT 2008

(Note from Pete:  Take extra time to tour the cemetery.)

To all Scots and friends.
The annual nondenominational service in the Vernon Presbyterian Church will
be held on Sunday, October 5th. 2008 at 2:00 P.M. This wee Kirk was built about
1850, it has no plumbing (in the outhouse, there is a large paintbrush to sweep
away the cobwebs), no water, no electricity, no  reverend minister. The 2 wood
stoves barely provide heat in winter. Not even a parish. It does have outside
water, an outhouse, a grave yard with stones, some new, some old. The church
does have a Covenant, which the Parish tried to live by.

It is in the town of Vernon, a wee white building, behind the trees, on Big
Bend Road  that's a block east of hwy.164 at National Av. Now, this is quite
far west but you can't miss it. You take National Av. west to the town of Vernon
and watch for McDonalds on your left or south as you approach hwy. 164 and turn
right onto Big Bend rd which is across from McDonalds. Or you can take
hwy.43 west to 164, take a right turn and you are now going north to National
which is a short distance and a light, turn right or east on to National and
McDonalds will be on your right and Big Bend Rd. on you left. The Wee White Kirk
is on the hill behind the trees. Please come and check our garden of Stones.

The journey to a friends house is never too long!

Ian Day.

Note from Pete: This historic church is open by appointment during the year. The
basket is passed during the service towards restoration. Contributions are

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