[CAM] Last Sunday's Demo and our moot

Barbara Kearns- Alice of Kent evil-alice at wi.rr.com
Tue Sep 9 09:51:03 CDT 2008

I want to thank everyone who came and helped at St. Ed's.  They were so pleased and happy with us and the whole success of their day. They want to do it again, I'll warn you.  I think I will tell them that we want to use the front yard even if there is a new priest.

As to the Mama Cat tourney, we didn't hold it.  There were not enough contestants there to make it worthwhile.  We decided to hold the cup and Valerius or I (Valerius if I have any say about it) will make the Boar's Head toast to Mama Cat.  We'll try Mama Cat tourney and Day of Legends next at my house (Unless I go over too many walls) and , if it is well received, we'll continue holding it - if not we'll retire the idea.

Thank you again.
Grateful, but still Evil
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