[CAM] Meeting Wednesday night

alasdair at wi.rr.com alasdair at wi.rr.com
Tue Sep 9 10:05:27 CDT 2008

Yeppers!  Her Evil-Excellency Got it all!

Boar's Head meeting tomorrow night at her house!  Come, be merry!

---- Barbara Kearns- Alice of Kent <evil-alice at wi.rr.com> wrote: 
> Our good Baron has asked me to hold a meeting this Wednesday -TOMORROW - at my house.  I believe he said it is a Boars Head planning meeting, and that seems right because we'd better get crackin.  Anyway, please come and chip in your ideas, and volunteer and stuff like that.  You'll also keep me company in this difficult week (shameless leverage).
> I'm sure the good Baron will give me times and details, or the list, when he sees this.
> Alice
> Oh!  I assume 7:00 as usual

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