[CAM] fighter Practice/ Bucketworks was MArquette practice

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to the slimmed down version. more folks would be required to get prof memberships, should be more folk would just need to get basic membership (personal or family)

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    organizing things not my strongest point.
I have just emailed James this morning, going over the what we had discussed, and what I had heard was desired from the curia meeting. (the offer in writing) If I dont get an email back as they are still trying to get ready for the grand opening. in which my  friends and I will be bringing back the 'Night of the Living Dead: The puppet Show' for 3 Saturday performances (last two sats in Oct, and Nov 1st).
    that deal in rough was:
    $200 a month (2 prof memberships)
    we get our practice slot/s
    actually we'd get two keys, too, so potentially as long as they place isnt full, or a play going on, we could practice impromptu. (might be good if an outdoor practice gets rained on)
    we'd be getting some storage space. about 10'x20'
    exclusive rental of any of the spaces at $15 an hour or 10% of what we take in. (fighter practice isnt an exclusive rental, but a moot might be)
    all the stuff listed under 'professional membership'

if the practices become large (both light and heavy) meaning more then 20, it would likely be a good idea for some folk to pick up personal or family memberships. (annual, I know personal is 35,)

James also offered the slimmer version of us gettingt one prof membership, but would be one key, less storage space, more folks would be required to get prof memberships for practices, as we'd be limited to 5 guests (non bucket works members) and 20 students. the slimmed down version would be 100 a month.

my friend Bill went down there the other week to help out with some of the repairs and he said they were making some nice improvements tot he building, and I also had a short conversation with Brian (one of the co-directors at bucketworks) about some of the improvements made and that they were almost done.

and thats all I got for y'all right now.

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 Hmm...that wonderful scramble for fall/winter practice space.  I had a couple thoughts on the weeknight practice.
1. St, Marks was fine but unless we arrange things differently somehow we weren't able to afford it.  We stopped doing it because we just weren't getting enough donations to cover the cost.
2. I can call the company I was talking to about warehouse space in Waukesha and see if they still have anything that would work for us.  Having a practice space further West would probably not be a bad thing and might make it easier for anyone from Jara that might want to come over.
3. The last time I talked to Akira he mentioned that it was tough trying to be the middle man between the Barony and Bucketworks.  Maybe it's time to help him out and have Akira put whoever is in charge of deciding what will work for us in contact with Bucketworks directly.  That way we can get rid of the here's what we have.. wait a couple weeks... here's what we need... wait a couple weeks cycle.
4. I agree Sundays would be nice to stay outside for a little longer but it would be nice to help the Marquette students get moving early this semester.  On the other hand since I haven't been going to the Sunday practices either it doesn't really matter what I think. :P

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Thats a good question.

Sundays will still have a light enough for a few weeks to stay outside if we want to.  Thought it seems to be a moot point since attendence at Sunday practices has been "light" to put it as politely as possible. all summer.

Weeknight practices are rapidly getting dark.

Rob had mentined warehouse space, then there is St Marks.  Bucketworks is also on the tabel as an option.

Personally i liked the St marks site, but i believe the warehouse space is closer to me so i'm open to suggestions.


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This information is now on the web calendar. At some point we should 
decide when we (the Barony) wants to end outdoor Sunday practices and move 

On Sat, 6 Sep 2008, Cyrus Vandrevala wrote:

> Ok everyone, we finally have a practice space at Marquette!  Here is all
of the information:
> AMU Practice Space East
> Sundays from 1-3pm
> This is the same space as we had for the last couple of weeks of the last
semester.  It is near the corner of Wells and 16th Street right next
> We will be starting practice on the 14th of September (next weekend). 
Hope to see you all there!
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