[CAM] Frodo Fest Demo Thanks!

masanger at kwm.sca.org masanger at kwm.sca.org
Sun Sep 21 09:13:24 CDT 2008

Greetings from Rose Marian, Demo steward!
I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all who came to do 
demonstrations at the Frodo Fest demo.
Over the two days they had over 550 people.

To Kou Toshikage, who stepped in to handle the costume "display and try
on" for both days at the last minute, and was just in general really
helpful and colorful. Thank you! (and he won the "hairy foot" contest too!
He must be drinking Ent-Draught, since he's kinda big for a Hobbit.  ;))

To Marie Falconiere, who came from Ravenslake to share her herbal wisdom
and her talents on the harp, and explaining the really cool period
sunshade. Thanks much Lady!

To Dahrien Cordell, who cast pewter along with wit and charm for both days
(one of the kids was heard to say "He gets to play with molten metal?
Cool!") Thanks very much for giving up your sleep-time, working all night,
and then coming back to do it again! (wish I had your stamina.)

To Eva of Greenfield, who wove her textile magic with tablet weaving and
knitting both days, and made yummy cheese which was finished on site (and
spent her bithday working at the demo!) Thanks for sharing, and also for
the period snacks for the demonstrators!

To Abelard die Ulster, who spent the afternoon fighting for the kids, and
discussed fighting and armor, along with supplying the list pole/ropes,
and not one but TWO sunshades to share. You are a joy to work with.
Many thanks for your help and generosity!

To Albrecht of Caer Anterth, who along with Eva brought their pavilion as
a large shade to share on Saturday, fought for the kids, and discussed
heraldry and leatherworking. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and shade!

To Murdoch MacArthur, who came and fought for the kids on Saturday and
discussed armor parts and their use. Thanks for showing the kids how armor
works and why it's shaped like it is!

To Margaret Malise of Kyrkytolaghe, who brought a trebuchet to fling
things and explain its workings and use. Thanks for firing things up!
I'm sorry they put you in such a remote location.

To Simon of Carmathen (please correct me on the last name) for his
in-depth presentation on medieval archery, and shot a bit despite being
I apologize for the conflict with site arrangements. Thanks for sharing
your knowledge and your graciousness in putting up with the changes!

To Arnbjorn Karlsson, who discussed the role of heraldry in period, the SCA
itself, and assisted with the archery demostration. Thanks for sharing
your knowledge, and for all your help with packing up at the end!

To Annetje van Leuven, who took over the herb/spice table for me (so I
didn't have to handle two presentations at once.) She also demonstrated
and discussed woodcarving. Thanks for adding another cool art for folks to
learn about!

To Hieronymus von Ghent, who discussed armor and uses of various
historical sword techniques. Thanks especially for showing your knowledge
and equipment when the regular fighting was done! The kids enjoyed it.

To Gabriela of Greenfield and Kyriel of Caer Anterth, for being their
charming and mischievious selves.

Thank you all for sharing your time and talents.
The library folks were very pleased.

This is indeed a great and generous Barony!

Gratefully yours,
Rose Marian the demo-steward, fueled by Mountain Dew this weekend...

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