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Who needs what as far as armour.

A few of them bought body armour blanks, those can be finished fairly easily.  They just need to get in the shop.

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Since we have a very low turnout at the Marquette practice
space, I am just going to have our fighters attend the baronial
practices.  As soon as people get armor made, we will try to make
the sunday practices.


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Subject: [CAM] Marquette Practice


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Ok everyone, we finally have a practice space at Marquette!  Here is all of the information:

AMU Practice Space East 
Sundays from 1-3pm

is the same space as we had for the last couple of weeks of the last
semester.  It is near the corner of Wells and 16th Street right
next to Bookmarq.

We will be starting practice on the 14th of September (next weekend).  Hope to see you all there!


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