[CAM] St. Marks Practice Questions

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I cannot attend practices on Wednesday nights, as I'm teaching at the
CSG_North practices. Mondays are better for me.

It's already been stated several times that the donations were not covering
the cost of renting the space.  Given that this is being advertised as an
open space for the barony as a whole to come and socialize as well as
having practice occur, I'd like to suggest that the cost of renting the
hall could be a baronial expense, with donations to help defray the cost
being much appreciated.


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 I'd vote for Monday                                                        
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  Greetings All,                                                            
  I had said at the meeting that I would contact the church that we held    
  practices in previously.  I called and spoke to the lady at St. Marks and 
  can still book the room but the price has gone up to $25 per hour.  I     
  we paid $20/hr previously but Jean can correct me if I am wrong.  As for  
  night we can get Mondays or Wednesdays.  Though I do know there are some  
  Mondays we will not be able to get it, though I told her that             
   if we know in                                                            
  advance we could make sure people knew what nights there would not be     
  practice.  I believe she said that Wednesdays might be better for them,   
  though for us Wednesdays are also Jaravellier's practices so it would     
  conflict.  I wanted to ask people's opinions on the price change and what 
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