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Barbara Kearns- Alice of Kent evil-alice at wi.rr.com
Wed Sep 24 09:43:09 CDT 2008

Bagshi sent this to Ansteorrea to say we have offered help.  Don't know what will come of this, but hang on to you old garb and stuff.  We may try to send it South.
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Your Excellency,  A copy of a draft sent to  Kingdom Seneshal of Ansteorrea who also happens to be in our Mongol group-Grin.....

Am in contact with northern group.  Same one that aided us after Katrina.  Please send contact for Coastian's SCA type relief.  This is  like for  replacing garb and general SCA style Stuff lost in the Storm.  the contact I have  for up  there is as follows--  Evil-alice at wi.rrr.com  This puts you contact with Baroness Alice of Kent, former Baroness of Inyedun's group.

Rw Bagshi

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