[CAM] New Fiore Manuscript Found!

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Sat Sep 27 01:11:29 CDT 2008

(I've replied to both lists [removing the list header to keep the
subject line short], thinking that resulting discussion might be
interesting or useful to members of both.)

Presented with manuscripts that each have at least some unique
detail, has anyone before me :) ever thought of combining them into a
sort of "completed work"?  What are the merits and non-merits of the
idea, do you suppose?

Umm, wow!  I guess that's it this time.  ;>
-- Dahrien =)

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The Getty manuscript was the most complete and detailed, and many
folks have treated it as the most authoritative of the three
manuscripts.[Interestingly, however, there is material in the
Novati/Pisanni-Dossi Manuscript that does not appear in the Getty
(and vice versa)].  This one looks to lack the textual richness and
depth of the Getty and Pierpoint-Morgan, but has similar visual
[End Snip!]

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