[CAM] Baronial Champs!

Sanctuary Troy at albinoburmese.com
Sun Sep 28 20:13:10 CDT 2008

A HUUUUUUUUGE thanx to the Baroness Kateryn of Cornwall and Baron 
Alasdair Montgomery for a well planed event and a wonderful event steward....and thank the gods for keeping the weather at bay for the entire shindig.....yay.

I hope to perform my duties as well as Magnus and not screw up too bad....lol....j/k I could not have been in a better Barony to attempt this, you all rock!!!

The feast was excellent, as we have come to expect from our populace, the atmosphere was grand and I think everyone carried themselves with all the honor and grace that has become  Caer Anterth Mawr.

~*~ Tiggodric sibben Völsungar ~*~
         " Honor Before Victory ".......................Note the "c" not a "k" at the end of the name ;)

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Subject: [CAM] Baronial Champs! 

We just wanted to post a quick thank you to 
everyone who helped make Baronial Champions such a special day.  Thank you 
to our moot steward Nikea for doing such a nice job.  Thank you to our 
Champions, both outgoing (Magnus and Arnbjorn) and to our incoming Champions 
(Tiggodrik and William of Mann) congratulations.  Thank you to all who 
gave takes and everyone that cooked or taught or was there to help make it a 
wonderful day - it most certainly was!  And Congratulations to all 
who received awards, prizes and the like!! 
Baroness Kateryn of Cornwall, Baron 
Alasdair Montgomery
Caer Anterth Mawr 

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