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Unknown number of pieces, sure.  But I'm not talking about recreating
the *original* first copy or master volume.  I'm just talking about
assembling all the pieces we have in the same box, so to speak. 
Taking all of the text and illustrations we *do* have from the
currently extant manuscripts, and arranging it all with same/similar
bits together.

-- Dahrien, also not a scholarly historian or historical scholar  =)
(hysterical maybe, but not historical ;> )

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>I would imagine doing this is sorta like putting together a puzzle,
>with no box and an unknown amount of pieces. To my understanding
these are
>mostly notes and refreshers.. without the original 'master' copy,
>we're going to miss a lot of information.
>Then again, I'm no historian or scholar.

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>> (I've replied to both lists [removing the list header to keep the
>> subject line short], thinking that resulting discussion might be
>> interesting or useful to members of both.)
>> Presented with manuscripts that each have at least some unique
>> detail, has anyone before me :) ever thought of combining them into
>> sort of "completed work"?  What are the merits and non-merits of
>> idea, do you suppose?
>> Umm, wow!  I guess that's it this time.  ;>
>> -- Dahrien =)
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>> The Getty manuscript was the most complete and detailed, and many
>> folks have treated it as the most authoritative of the three
>> manuscripts.[Interestingly, however, there is material in the
>> Novati/Pisanni-Dossi Manuscript that does not appear in the Getty
>> (and vice versa)].  This one looks to lack the textual richness and
>> depth of the Getty and Pierpoint-Morgan, but has similar visual
>> richness.
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