[CAM] Storm Stories: a roundtable.

masanger at kwm.sca.org masanger at kwm.sca.org
Wed Apr 1 20:59:01 CDT 2009

There's no teacher like experience.
One of the things I'd like for the May moot is to have a roundtable of
survival stories and helpful hints from those that have been through
significant storms while camping:
What problems occurred, lessons learned, preventative measures.
What part of your pavilion required reinforcing that you weren't aware of
prior to the storm? What worked, what didn't?
Did the pavilion stay, but the rest of your camp blew away or was damaged?
What preventative measures do you swear by and at?

Dos and don'ts. How to keep stuff dry, "batten down the hatches" properly,

For example, I've heard of windlines, but don't know how to use them

Please think about this, and bring your stories to the moot to share so
that others may learn from your experience.

Thank you.
Rose Marian, May Moot steward

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