[CAM] SCA Bayeaux-style tapestry - Awesome Project

dahrien at VIGIL1.com dahrien at VIGIL1.com
Mon Apr 6 02:10:37 CDT 2009

The following is snipped from a message from Astrid of the Yellow
Rose, because it's ...  well, just follow the link; and you'll find
links to the project photos at the left of the page.  This lady is
doing 50 panels of tapestry, commemorating each year of the Society
that will have happened by 2015.

"Hey Celery.. if you guys are coming...
you'll bring your needlework project for the 50 challenge, yes?  If
hasn't seen it... HOLY CATS!  This is one helllllllova piece of art in
progress!  It's worth checking out:

I so agree, Astrid.  WOW!
-- T(Wa)H^2L Dahrien  =)

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