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Thanks Carlos. I'm glad to know that this may just have been a less than desirable recipie and that other places make a pizza with roast beef that's good.  
The other pizza's were pretty awesome though.  The roast beef pizza wierdness DID make for some fun conversation.  :-)

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Well, our resident pizza aficionado has to chime in now that the
conversation has gone on so long.  I for one found the meat lover's
pizza (with pepperoni, ham, and roast beef) to be all right.  The
sauce tasted like there was some wine in it, and perhaps that was
just acidity from the tomato sauce that hadn't cooked out; it was a
little less tasty than usual, but okay enough.  The roast beef was,
similarly, okay enough -- certainly not my favorite, had a very
subtle weird (after?)taste, but was okay.  I think that the odd
subtlety might have been a result of the roast beef not cooking
enough under everything else (only the pepperoni was on top of the
cheese), or perhaps an odd kind or batch of roast beef.  I really
wouldn't hesitate to try smaller pieces of good roast beef on top of
a pizza in the future, myself.  I wouldn't shy away from this
particular pizzeria, but I won't suggest them for a feast for the
masses, either.  Papa John's provides a consistent product that most
of us are familiar with, I think; plus they have the fancy sauces and
veggie garnish for free, to satisfy the gourmet palate :) .

Yours in service,
-- Dahrien, fan of pizza  =)

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