[CAM] WAR!!!!!

Jim Kotsonis hsetrinitynorth at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 8 14:46:49 CDT 2009

HRM Stephen has commanded that the Northshield army be strong and ready to defend our great Kingdom and rally to our Queen. 
We will combine our strength and prowess on the battlefield with the grand army of the Middle and become an unstoppable force. 
Will you be ready to stand tall, shoulder to shoulder with your brethren and fight for the honor of Northshield?!
You must train to be great. You can train as a few and be ready to battle as an individual.   But to be ready to fight as an army, to be of one mind, one purpose and one direction you must train together, fight together, depend on each other and be dependable! You must stand together, sweat together and know your brother's steps as you know your own! 
Your presence is hereby requested at the Eastern Regional War Practice to be hosted by the Shire of Turm an dem See at Mermaid's Retreat XVI held May 29-31
Let the shadow cast by the great wings of the Griffon strike fear in our enemies hearts!
Long live Northshield!!
Lady Francesca di Angelo
Autocrat - Mermaid's Retreat XVI

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