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Mon Apr 13 01:33:03 CDT 2009

Actually, it all makes perfect sense, and I agree, Simon.  With those
tenets in mind, Murdoch's amplifications to his underwater Norman
combat gear should remain extremely effective up to a depth of 100
meters, and perhaps down to 120; again, assuming that equalizations
of pressure and viscosity are maintained.  (And, Murdoch, having
double checked with TJ, metallurgist extraordinaire, this really also
ought to hold true if you ever reimplement the stainless steel design
in Titanium or alloys with similar light weight and other
properties.)  This method ought to provide excellent enhancement of
both lateral and vertical movement via your thrusters, but remember
to cover them in blue tape, as this color light will penetrate to the
greatest depth and reflect from the tape to be seen by your
opponents.  Glow in the dark tape might do a well if you choose to
recharge with sealed LEDS.  In fact, Murdoch, leaving out a
consideration of your relative skill levels and previous experience
-- I'm not qualified to judge them -- this suit should give you a
distinct edge in your matches against Sir Leif in the Lake Superior
Challenge Tourney when you get the gasses voided and the system
repressurized!  Good luck.

-- T(Wa)HL Dahrien Cordell  =)
"The (Winsome and) Hair-Brained Lecturer Dahrien Cordell"  =)

P.S. (Learning much, Gabs?)

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But I learn so much when engineering geeks go all explainy...

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blah TECH blah blah blah

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