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Nita Lewis LewisN at terlatowines.com
Tue Apr 14 09:03:18 CDT 2009

Did Loomcraft move? I went past their old location on Lakeview Parkway
just off Rt 60 last week and it's empty/for rent.

Vogue in Evanston is well worth the drive. www.myvoguefabrics.com for
location/sale/hours info.

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Manhattan sounds very much like Loomcraft down in Vernon Hills, Illinois
where Hieronymus works.  I've found period brocades there for as little
as $5/yard.  For linen and wool, the only regional places I could
recommend are Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, Illinois or Textile Discount
Outlet down in Chicago. 


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> I have but it has been quite a
> while.? Some stuff is VERY expensive - but you are
> getting what you pay for.? HOWEVER, last time I was
> there they had a "back room" and that is where you get all
> the deals.? I picked up some really good fabric for
> good to cheap prices there.? But I don't know about
> wool or linen.? Mostly they have upholstery or drapery
> fabric and I never actually look for wool as I'm
> allergic.? There is another upholstery fabric store out
> in Brookfield, but their hours are harder they are kind of
> 9-5 and Sat. but I can't remember the name of it.? If
> you go north on Barker Road from I-94 I think it is on North
> Ave.? Whatever cross street it is, there is a
> convenience store on the northeast corner and then a really
> small list strip center - it is in there.
> Otherwise you are stuck with the standard Joann's or
> Hancock.
> Kateryn

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