[CAM] Another new member in the barony...

Elyse Boucher elyseboucher at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 14 18:09:55 CDT 2009

For those who recall my Lady Daughter, Isobel Pendray, known modernly as Angelique Koszuta, I am pleased to share glad tidings with thouse who may not have yet heard:

Isobel gave birth to her third child, a lovely little girl, on 31 March, and named the mighty mite Osma Lynn Elise Koszuta. Mom and baby are doing just fine, and biggest brother, Kiernan, is thrilled to have a little sister. Big brother Ryley, though, at a mere 19 months old, is not as pleased to share the spotlight, but he appears to like his little sister nonetheless, so all looks fine for happy family times. :-)

Private notes of congratulations can be sent to aboucher83 at yahoo.com. :-)

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SCA: Merouda Pendray, Caer Anterth Mawr, Northshield
Per pale sable and Or, a gryphon segreant counterny within an orle of feathers counterchanged. http://www.merouda.com

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