[CAM] Pattern for sale: The Pourpoint of Charles de Blois

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Thu Apr 16 12:29:17 CDT 2009

Forwarded on behalf of a good friend who is a Laurel for sewing in the East Kingdom.
Tasha's contact information is below.


Dear Frends,

You are receiving this email because I know you personally and am thrilled to announce that the project I've been working on for the last eight months is finally available for public consumption. I hope you will forgive me for the commercial nature of this announcement, but I know that more than a few of you will be interested. If you know others who would want to know, pass the word on!


Available for Shipping NOW.

My experience with fitting and sewing the Charles de Blois pourpoint has come together with my professional technical writing and artistic skills to make a pattern I’m excited to share with the world. For the last eight months I’ve been working hard to create a high-quality product that you can trust to work for you. 

This pattern is available immediately for chest sizes 37 through 50. I may expand to larger sizes if enough requests come through for that.

Here is what you will get for the price of $35 plus $8 (domestic shipping/handling)/$13 (international shipping/handling):
• A complete pattern on sturdy white paper for chest sizes in two ranges: 37-44, and 46-50. 
• Options to make a civilian-style garment or an arming garment.
• Sixty pages of step-by-step instructions for making the garment using a contemporary or historical  method – your choice. 
• Information on how to pad and quilt the garment.
• 95+ diagrams showing every step of the process.
• Cutting layouts for two sizes of fabric, with and without nap. (Helpful for velvet.)
• Two bonus inserts to teach you how to hand-sew historically-accurate eyelets and buttonholes.
• Fabric and notion recommendations.
• A sturdy white envelope to keep everything in.
• My availability on email to answer your questions: tasha at cottesimple.com

If I'm likely to see you in person, write me at tasha at cottesimple.com to reserve your patterns. I'll accept $35 in cash per pattern. Because I'm not set up to be a big pattern-making business and because this is a one-time offering, I am requiring an old-fashioned ordering method for the mail-order option:

Please write to me at:

Tasha McGann
P.O. Box 464
Mt. Laurel NJ 08054 (USA)

- and provide your name, mailing address, phone number where you can be reached during business hours (or an email address), and how many patterns you want, in which sizes. The sizes have two groupings: 37-44 and 46-50. Indicate how many of each one. I cannot mail anything to you until I have that information. If you don’t know your chest size, take a measurement – don’t guess!

I am not set up to take Paypal just yet, but am working on that. In the meantime:

For inside-the-US purchase, please send a check or money order made out to Tasha McGann in the amount of $43 USD ($35 for the pattern and $8 for USPS Priority Mail and handling) per pattern to the address above.

For outside-the-US purchase, please send an international money order made out to Tasha McGann in the amount of $50 USD ($35 for the pattern and $15 for USPS International Priority Mail and handling) per pattern to the address above.

If ordering more than one at a time, I can combine 2 for the same cost as mailing one. For 3 or more, shipping prices will have to go up a bit. Email me and run it by me if you think you want to order more than 2!

Please allow up to two weeks for domestic orders, longer for international. In the case of checks, they must clear my bank before I ship to you. Money orders and in-person cash will get you your order much faster. 

I cannot take returns but if there are any problems, don’t hesitate to email me!
Thanks guys, 

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