[CAM] ot...anyone have a cheap source for garden stuff in town?

Aoife Óran Bran webminister at sheboygan-sca.org
Sat Apr 18 09:20:27 CDT 2009

I run a community garden.  I may have some seeds to spare.  The only seeds you really need to worry about being genetically modfied are Corn, soy & wheat....  Most seed you can pick up at any store that is your typical garden fare are not GMO You don't have to start with organic seed to grow organic if that is your plan...  I do buy organic when I can...

 What are you looking for?

Farmers markets this time of year are also a good source for seedlings.
I know that up my way, Steins, Fleet Farm, Home Depot & Menards have a great selection of started plants this time of year.  

To keep you plants disease free spray them with chamomile tea... cold tea of course...

Any way I digress.

Happy Gardeninging
 ~* Aoife Óran Bran*~ 
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Hey all
I'm bout to plant a garden.  Looking for veggies to plant preferably not the hybrid mutant things.
Anyone have a good spot to get em?
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